About Us

On the border between east and west

Samovar Theater is an international performing arts company founded in Kirkenes in 1990 by Bente S. Andersen. We have produced more than 65 performing arts productions that have toured Europe, the Barents region and Norway. The Samovar Theater has strong community involvement. We believe that stories from the north should be told from the north. The company currently consists of five performing artists and one at administration. For our productions and projects, we have involved hundreds of professional performing artists, and thousands of children and young people, across national borders.

Photo: Pavel Olushkin

The location of the Samovar Theater, right here in Kirkenes - affects everything we do; it makes us the international border theater we are today.
1 km from the Barents sea
12 km from the Russian border
50 km from the Finnish border.
It is equally as far from Kirkenes to Oslo, as from Oslo to Rome.

Photo: Sergey Zhigaltsov

The Samovar Theatre's artistic practice is about creating a meeting point between people, between different artists and cultural actors, between artists and the audience, across national borders, cultures and professions. We work with informants and time witnesses. The result is performing arts with a transnational expression, where newly written text, movement, multilingualism and music merge into a whole.