Samovarteateret presents WATER

Produsert av Samovarteateret (2024)
i samarbeid med Barents Spektakel 2024/ Pikene på Broen
Sør-Varanger Kultursal
17. feb. 2024
The theater invites the audience to a working show where we have taken the different forms of WATER as a starting point.

Water surrounds us from before we are born, and every day throughout our lives we depend on consuming enough water. Climate change causes a water imbalance in the world. In the northern regions, the temperature is increasing at double speed, the permafrost is melting and ice and snow are behaving in new ways. 

With increasing unrest in the world, Samovarteateret wants to focus on our basic needs and invites you to a work-in-progress presentation to explore perceptions, stories and experiences related to water. The new challenges around water are presented by a researcher from NIBIO Svanhovd / Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy and bog enthusiast Vegard Seljemo. Samovarteateret is based in Kirkenes and draws inspiration and themes for its performances from the region, be it an event, daily life or what occurs in the meeting between people.

Director/ idee: Bente Synnøve Andersen 
Performers and co-creators: Runa Sætervoll, Per Magnus Barlaug, Nikolay Shchetnev, Toby Gunn, Sara Maria Maliniemi Lindbach 
Light/Sound: Matvey Shchetnev / Musikkgarasjen 
Producer: Guro Vrålstad 


A production by Samovarteateret 
Samovarteateret is supported by Sør-Varanger Municipality, Finnmark County and KUD.