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With the performance "Truth" director Bente S. Andersen and Samovarteateret have been inspired by Harold Pinter's "Nobel prize speech" from 2005; "Art, truth and politics".

We live in a world where the boundaries between the private and the public space is disappearing more and more. We can write and tell our opinions through digital media, without necessarily be in charge of it afterwards. The concept "fake news" has become an important part of our world today, and is raising the discussion around "the truths" we build our society on and how we see the world.

We can create an image of ourselves and our lives through blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Is this image our true self? Or is it all about how we want others to see us? How do we see the truth, and what kind of relation do we have to the truth?

Director Bente S. Andersen wanted to find answers to these questions. She asked friends and acquaintances the following questions:

  • What is your truest moment?
  • Who owns the truth?
  • What is truth?

The answers came from both Norway and abroad, and they form, together with Pinter's Nobel speech, the frame for the performance "Truth".

In second version of "Truth" Bente S. Andersen has, together with photo artist Torgrim Halvari, lighting designer Jan Harald Jensen, technician Magnus Holm Slettebø, composer/musician Andreas Fliflet, actress Turid Skoglund and dancer Nikolay Shchetnev, created a performance where text, visual and musical effects reflects upon the existence of the truth.

Director Andersen wants to create performing art that makes room for reflection and meeting points between people;

"Meetings between people are fascinating - in a meeting point between two people everything can change. Imagine if we could create meeting points where different generations from different environments and cultures could meet each other. We could talk, directly, not online, and see each others reactions, smiles, laughter and worries. We could talk aboout the big and small events that touches us as humans."

The performance is a melting pot of different cultures, genres, views on what the truth can be - and a meeting point with the audience in the end. It all ends in a common meal, a soup, where the conversation can continue and new meetings and truths can arise.

First version of "Truth" (Simmering Point) was during "Barents Spektakel" festival in Kirkenes at 13. February 2016

New version will be presenting during "Festspillene i Nord-Norge" in Harstad, at saturday of July 2017