Radio Barents 111

"Radio Barents 111" is the answer to the dream of collaboration across languages and cultures in the Barentsregion. In this performance we meet a region full of optimism and will to survive. The performance is a warm and musical tribute to the future of the region.

The performance premiered February 5th of 2012

The performance is based on today's reality in the border areas of Norway, Russia, Finland and the sami areas. While the future of the Barentregion is searing politics, the performance gives an insight of why we live here. we meet people who by the end of the world finds the meaning of life, on each side of the borders. And a radiostation that broadcasts the life in the north, in five languages for three countries. The performance starts off as a documentary and ends up in surreal fiction

The performance was performed on Scene 2 in Kirkenes, on Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø, on Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo, The State National Theatre of Karelia i Petrozavodsk, Plodji Theatre in St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk City Culture Center in Arkhangelsk and Lapplandia Theatre in Murmansk



Idea and production - Samovarteateret

Playwriter and director - Franzisca Aarflot

Composer and musician - Johan Sara Jr.

Film maker - Sergey Zhigaltsov

Stageperformers - Bente S. Andersen, Turid Skoglund, Nikolay Shchetnev, Olga Khalchenko, Johan Sara Jr., Magnus Holm Slettebø, Sergey Zhigaltsov, Patrik Häggström

Ligthing designer - Niels A. W. Jensen

Technician - Roman Khoroshilov

Set design & costumes - Inger A. K. Stephens

Costume design - Tanja Huglen

Sewing - Mad Fashion by Francesca Tullio, Marit Hoflandsdal, Inger A.K. Stephens

Scene réalisateur - Odd Aune

Productionassistants - Kathrine Kolgrov, Hanne M. Haga

Graphic design - Anna Grønvik Randal

Interpreter - Bjarge Schwenke Fors

Producer - Audhild Andersen / Samovarteateret

Tourplanner - Samovarteateret

Tourplanner Russia - Panov Teater