Lost in the Horizon

The performance is produced by Samovarteateret, in collaboration with the Karelian National Theatre, and with economical support from BarentsKult, The Norwegian Foreign Department and Samovarteateret.

In «Lost in the horizon», we focus on borders, horizons and how they affect us as human beings; our hopes, dreams and everyday life. The performance has an extensive musical universe, ranging from the soft and tender to the rough and raw. Text, music, motion and different languages melts together as one.

“Lost in the horizon” is a highly relevant performance, seen in the light of today's worldview.

According to the UN, today a quarter billion human beings are moving across national borders, in search of a better future. At the same time, new walls and border zones are created all over Europe, all over the world. Macedonia–Greece, Spain–Morocco, Serbia–Hungary, Turkey–Syria, Israel–Palestine, Yemen–Saudi Arabia/Iraq, USA–Mexico. Closed borders. Strictly protected borders.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant said:

«That which has a price, can be replaced by something of equal value.

That which is raised above any price, has it’s dignity.

All human beings have an inherent dignity.

Our duty is to preserve humanity’s dignity – within ourselves.”