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Living Secretly

Jon Fosse is the worlds most performed playwriter alive. This is Jon Fosse in a different way. In collaboration with Franzisca Aarflot Productions

"Living secretly" is a collaborationproject between Franzisca Aarflot Productions and Samovarteateret, and premiered in Kirkenes October 2012

In a visual and playful stagelanguage dance and illutions are woven together. The performance takes place in a musical landscape that jumps from jazz to joik and electronica

In 2012 it was performed in Kirkenes, Oslo and Murmansk

The performance is going to be performed during  Festival Temps d'Images,  at Teatro da Politecnic in Lisboa October 2013. Then it will be performed in Wroclaw, Poland, where it is taken in as a part of Bente Kahn's project to promote Yiddish lanuage and culture, that is amongs others funded by EEA-funds Norway-Poland.

"Living secretly" will be visiting Theatre Plody Prosveshenia in St. Petersburg.

Director - Franzisca Aarflot
Composer and musician - Johan Sara Jr.
Dancer - Nikolay Shchetnev
Set design -  Franzisca Aarflot & Niels A. W. Jensen
Lighting design - Niels A. W. Jensen
Voice - Jon Fosse