Feelgoodweek 2013

A week filled with something for everyone - performances, concerts, debates, workshops and more!

Welcome to Feelgood Week - 8. to 16. of October 2013

- a week full of exciting happenings at Samovarteateret in Kirkenes!

Feelgood Week is a meeting place for audiences, actors, musicians, stage directors, technicians, filmmakers, educators and more from our network - both within and outside the Barents Region.

During this years Feelgood Week we proudly present guest performances from both Turkey and Russia.  Concert with Lady Moscow. A energetic breakdance performance - voted "best production in 2013" - with Absence crew, Norway's best break dancers in 2012. Concert with The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North. Course in breakdance for children and youth. Collaboration concert with "Festspillene i Nord-Norge". Samovarcafé. Presentations, debates and good conversations. Here's something for everyone!

Why "Feelgood Week"? A strong community involvement is very important for Samovarteateret. Our vision is to push the limits and make the impossible possible! Welcome to Feelgood Week!


Detailed programme:


Tuesday 8. and wednesday 9. of October: "The Clowns Klokkeklovnene against dementia"
The clowns are seeking to reach out to people that can be difficult to connect with. In Norway, there are currently more than 70,000 people suffering from dementia and the number is rising steadily. The disease makes contact with the surroundings difficult, and therefore there are few activities that are designed to enrich their lives. The Clowns ease, presence, playfulness, singing and music can be a welcome addition to their everyday life. The Clowns help people with dementia come in contact with their surroundings again.


Wednesday 9. of October at 19.00: Opening performance: "Vodka, water and glasnost - a foxtrot for three" by Samovarteateret
The performance "Vodka, water and glasnost - a foxtrot for three" has been received well by the audience, and will be the opening show during Feelgood Week 2013. The performance is based on  stories from a generation that is about to disappear. A generation that has lived on both sides of the Norwegian-Russian border - before, during and after World War II. Today the borders are more open than ever before, we've got the border traffic permit here in the north, the world has changed. How does this affect people living by the border? In the process with the script we have met Norwegian and Russian pensioners who have shared their stories with us.


Wednesday 9. of October at 20.15: "Borderstories: Stories about people in the north – seen from the north" by Trine Hamran
Media tells us daily about the "new optimism in the north", linked to the vast resources available here. But when politicians talk about resources, they talk about oil, gas and minerals. Not people. Norways former Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, has even said that the people in the North have "orchestra seats" to the development in the north. Orchestra  seats... Are we just spectators to the development  in our  own region? Do we not have the leading role in creating our own lives, our own future?


Thursday 10. of October at 19.00: "The Method" by Semaver Kumpanya (Turkey)
Four people arrive for a job interview, and find themselves in a meeting room to compete for a senior management position. They have to undergo the mysterious tests of the Grönholm Method, a system meant to separate the strong from the weak. The Spanish playwright Jordi Galceran Ferrer earned a worldwide reputation with this play written in 2003, where he described the cruel sides of the business world of the modern-day. The psychological thriller prensented by Semaver Kumpanya will make you hold your breath!


Thursday 10. of October at 21.15: "Freedom of speach and the will of the art - about Taksim Gezi Park and todays Turkey"
Ani Haddeler Pekman from the Turkish theater Semaver Kumpanya will talk about the current situation in Turkey, and how their theater is affected by the  difficult situation in Turkey today. In Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul big protests broke out in may 2013. With Ani Haddeler Pekman from Semaver Kumpanya and journalist Amund Trellevik.


Friday 11. of October at 18.00: "White dreams" by The State National Theatre of Karelia in Petrozavodsk  (Russia)
Today there are probably no more than 6,000 people left of the indigenous Vepsian people, and about half as many speak the language. Houses have been abandoned, villages are empty. Vepsian names are only left on the land maps and in the memory of the older generation. "White Dreams" is based on Vepsian life and history, and memories of the beautiful Vepsian land. The music, the stage light, the melodic Vepsian language, historical videos and elements allows even the audience who does not know the language to follow this story.


Friday 11. of October at 19.00: Her High North: "Strong female voices - new goals in the north"
Wenche Pedersen and Ingjerd Tjelle gives a presentation based on the experiences and stories from the project "Her High North" which was both a northern area-, communication- and womens project."Her High North" focused on the High North perspectives, based on women's knowledge, experiences and stories, to promote new voices and networks, and unite the international knowledge about the High North. Other strong female voices will also tell about their goals in the north.


Saturday 12. of October at 12.30: "Askeladden on new adventures" by Absence Crew (Norway)
This energetic dance performance won the prize "best production" in 2013 - with Absence crew, Norway's best break dancers in 2012! Absence crew have put together the most beloved folk tales to a show with music, comedy, drama, mind-blowing acrobatics and fantastic dancing! This is Norwegian folk tales presented in a new and exciting way. The performance is suitable for all ages.


Saturday 12. of October at 21.00: Concert with Lady Moscow (Norway)
Lady Moscow has since the bands beginning in 2007 stood out because of their somewhat unconventional and genre-crossing expression. Although the band members are only playing acoustic instruments, the band still got credentials to create "a punch with its Balkan-inspired folk rock that most mainstream rock bands can only dream of." Lady Moscow has already released two albums (Barrel dance, 2008, Things to do in Lehre, 2010), and has played at many large venues, festivals and events both home and abroad. The band is constantly praised for their energetic live performances, and is referred to by many as Norway's best live band! Come and dance with us!


Sunday 13. of October at 11.00-14.00: Breakdance workshop with Absence Crew
Energetic breakdance classes with Norway's best break dancers! For children and youth who likes to dance, from 10 years and up. The workshop lasts for three hours. Get yourself ready for some dance!   Price: 200 kr per person. Registration: audhild@samovar.no.


Sunday 13. of October at 19.00: The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North
The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North is an orchestra with rich traditions and many conserts in the northern part of the country. Their reperoire have a wide range of genres, from classical music to contemporary music, jazz and heavy rock. The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North will perform at Samovarteateret before their concerts in Russia.


Wednesday 16. of October at 19.00: Concert performance in Kirkenes - a collaboration between "Festspillene  i Nord-Norge" and Samovarteateret
"Festspillene i Nord-Norge" invites Kristin Asbjørnsen to Finnmark, in a concert performance with the Sami artist Elle Márjá Eira. Texts of the award-winning author Ingeborg Arvola binds the two different musical expressions together. Asbjørnsens music is heavily influenced by the African-American, which is both in dialogue with,- and  in contrast to Eiras musical world, with roots in the Sami culture. The theme of the performance is province and metropolis. What happens when the local meets the global? Is it possible to live in Northern Norway and carve out a career in the world? Founder of Samovartheatre, Bente S. Andersen is the director of the production, and the texts are performed by actor Jan Egil Engnes.







Sør-Varanger Kommune

The Norwegian Armed Forces Band North

Festspillene i Nord-Norge