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De som tapte freden

Sør-Varanger, Finnmark and Nord-Troms has a very special partisan history. A story all of Norway should know about, which should be written in all school books and history books, but has been a silent part of our national story.

Samovarteateret has been inspired by the books «Mennesker ved en grense» and «Moskva kjenner ingen tårer». Through the stories of Osvald Harjo and Harald Rygh, Samovarteateret wants to focus on the effort the partisans did, the war in the north, and the difficult choices many people had to do. This is a performance about one persons destiny in the big political system.

Some things we know, and some things we have to fable ourselves as artists; Moments of excitement, pain, loss and love. On our team we have three young scenic artists and a big international crew. A brand new piece, with newly written text, coreography and newly composed music.

In the time after the Second World War was over, "Gutta på skauen" and Max Manus were well known. But we have heard very little about the resistance work done by the partisans in the north. The partisans in Eastern Finnmark never received medals, decorations or recognition from the Norwegian Government after the war was over.

With this performance, Samovarteateret wants to honour the partisans, their effort and the job they did as a resistance group during The Second World War. This is the story about those who fought for what they believed in, and sacrificed everything, but lost the peace. of October 2019 was 75 years since The Red Army liberated Eastern Finnmark after The Second World War.

«De som tapte freden» is a part of Sør-Varanger municipality's celebration of the 75 years after the liberation.


Financial partners:

BarentsKult, Dramatikkens Hus, Fritt Ord, Forsvarsdepartementet, Sør-Varanger Kommune, Teaterets Venner avd. Sør-Varanger and Samovarteateret.