Arctic Voices

A performance about fatih, hope, love and High North policy. The foundation is the Norwegian government's High North strategies. The performance portrays people who live in a border-area where political strategies and decisions affect everyday life.

For a long period our northern region has been seen as an insured Arctic. After the government came with their first strategy for the northern region in 2005 this has changed: the national and international focus on the northern region has increased dramatically. Seminars and conferences have been held about the northern region, it has been established ”borderology-studies”, and without knowing we have become Barents citizens! Why has it suddenly become cool to live "in the middle of nowhere"?

”Arctic Voices”  is a further development of ”Voices” that premiered, and was performed, during Barents Spektakel in February 2008.

Spring 2009 the performance was resumed and restated with the name ”Arctic Voices”. The performance was among others performed at Stamsund Internasjonale Teaterfestival.

Spring 2010 Samovarteateret was invited to perform in Georgia, in the cities  Tbilisi, Poti, Senaki og Batumi. The performance has been on a extensive tour in Finnmark in January - February 2013. The tour was completed with two perfomances during ”Barents Spektakel 2013” in Kirkenes.


Script and director Bente S. Andersen
Actors Turid Skoglund , Gøran Østerbøl, Nikolay Shchetnev, Patrik Häggström, Theresa Haabeth Holand
Lighting design Niels A.W. Jensen