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Samovarteateret presents "De som tapte freden" of October 2019 at 19:00, Samovarteateret has it's premiere on the brand new performance "De som tapte freden" in Kirkenes. The performance is also played and of October 2019. Also as school performances through DKS, and later on tour in Finnmark.

Samovarteateret presents the performance «De som tapte freden»

– «I put my life, my future and my family aside, and went to fight!» -Osvald Harjo

Sør-Varanger, Finnmark and Nord-Troms has a very special partisan history. A story all of Norway should know about, which should be written in all school books and history books, but has been a silent part of our national story.

Samovarteateret has been inspired by the books «Mennesker ved en grense» and «Moskva kjenner ingen tårer».

Through the stories of Osvald Harjo and Harald Rygh, Samovarteateret wants to focus on the effort the partisans did, the war in the north, and the difficult choices many people had to do.

This is a performance about one persons destiny in the big political system.

Some things we know, and some things we have to fable ourselves as artists; Moments of excitement, pain, loss and love.

On our team we have three young scenic artists and a big international crew. A brand new piece, with newly written text, coreography and newly composed music.

In the time after the Second World War was over, "Gutta på skauen" and Max Manus were well known. But we have heard very little about the resistance work done by the partisans in the north.

The partisans in Eastern Finnmark never received medals, decorations or recognition from the Norwegian Government after the war was over.

 With this performance, Samovarteateret wants to honour the partisans, their effort and the job they did as a resistance group during The Second World War.

This is the story about those who fought for what they believed in, and sacrificed everything, but lost the peace. of October 2019 it is 75 years since The Red Army liberated Eastern Finnmark after The Second World War.

«De som tapte freden» is a part of Sør-Varanger municipality's celebration of the 75 years after the liberation, and will play during the whole jubilee week.

The performance had it’s premiere on Saturday of October 2019.

Financial partners:

BarentsKult, Dramatikkens Hus, Fritt Ord, Forsvarsdepartementet, Sør-Varanger Kommune, Teaterets Venner avd. Sør-Varanger and Samovarteateret.


After 30 years of working with performing art and theatre in the Barents Region, Samovarteateret has developed a great network in the performing arts field in Russia. This have given us solid competence in how to create performances and projects across borders, languages, different cultures and competence.

Lost in the horizon

The performance is produced by Samovarteateret, in collaboration with the Karelian National Theatre, and with economical support from BarentsKult, The Norwegian Foreign Department and Samovarteateret.

Truth plays in Oslo

Samovarteateret had the honour of opening The Barents Dance Festival in Hammerfest of November, with our performance “Truth”.

«Movement poetry»

Brave theatre students had a great performance on Wednesday of October, called «Movement poetry», outside in the city center of Kirkenes.

Theatre-Weekend in Kirkenes

Friday 4th, Saturday the 5th and Sunday 6th of may there will be a theatre weekend in Kirkenes – where theatre students Kirkenes and Tana Kulturskole are gathered together to get to know each other, play performances to each other and solve tasks together – and all in all cultivate their common interest for theatre, og to empower the theatre environment in East-Finnmark. This will be a fun, social theatre-weekend!

NRK TV are visiting Samovarteateret

At the moment, a production team from NRK (Norwegian television channel) are visiting Samovarteateret in Kirkenes, to prepare the live streaming of the television programme «Norge nå» (Norway now). The live streaming will take place tonight at 20:25 o’ clock, and the topic will be about Russia.

“Ellisif” on tour in Finnmark

Samovarteateret's performance "Ellisif Wessel - The Strong will" on tour in Finnmark (Alta, Vardø, Vadsø, Tana and Kirkenes), arranged by DKS Finnmark.

Laboratory of the movement

Samovarteateret’s dancer and choreographer Nikolay Shchetnev was in Arkhangelsk at 18th – 25th March 2018, leading a workshop about contact improvisation.

“Much ado About Nothing”

Culture school theatre students "Samovarongan" presents William Shakespeare romantic comedy piece; “Much ado About Nothing”, and as always in Samovarongans completely own version.


With the performance "Truth" director Bente S. Andersen and Samovarteateret have been inspired by Harold Pinter's "Nobel prize speech" from 2005; "Art, truth and politics".

The Witches

Culture school theatre students "Samovarongan" is playing "Witches" by Roald Dahl. It will be a showcase for the whole family, old and young.

“To be or not to be”

This weekend the oldest group at the theatre school had a course regarding Shakespeare with one of Norway’s most prominent experts on the subject, Tor-Inge Gullvåg.