Photo: Lene Stavå


Samovarteateret is a professional theatre established by Bente S. Andersen in Kirkenes in 1990. The theatre has set up more than 45 professional theatre productions with stage artists from 16 different countries.

Samovarteateret has 6 permanent employees and engages between 15 and 35 artists every year in our different productions and projects.

Our collaboration partners is among others from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia and the Nordic countries.

Samovarteateret has an extensive network, solid experience and moved into a brand new theatre in 2012. In combination with our geographical placement this makes it natural for the theatre to act as a powercenter for stage art in the northern areas. Samovarteateret especially has a focus on working with Russian performers from our neighbouring country in the east.