Photo: Lene Stavå


Samovarteateret works locally, nationally and internationally, and produces 2-3 performances each year that tours Norway, The High North and Europe.

In over 20 years Samovarteateret has developed new-written drama. Our goal is to create unique performances that touches and engages. We have developed our own distinctive Samovar methodology, a unique way to produce our performances.

It is important for us to express what's on our minds. We think that theatre can communicate and touch where politics and words do not. We want to create performances that focuses on, and questions, the present. We get ideas, inspiration and stories from the society around us, from national and international politics and people we meet. It is therefore fundamental for Samovarteateret to have a strong community involvement.

In advance of a production Samovarteateret conducts different kinds of research and scenic exploration. Then a cooperation between director and play writer is initiated. Thereafter the text is translated and adapted into the respective languages of the stage performers, since we often engage stage performers with different nationality, language, cultural and professional background. The process ends in a performance with a scenic idiom where text, movement, music and multilingualism is merged into a whole.

In addition to the professional operation, Samovarteateret has since 1991 run an educational theatre programme for children and youths in Sør-Varanger.