Photo: Lina Winge, FinnmarkenPhoto: Martin Gramnæs, Sør-Varanger AvisPhoto: Lene StavåPhoto: Lina Winge, FinnmarkenPhoto: Torjus Kleiven Kandal, Finnmarken

Educational Programme

Samovarteateret has since 1991 run an educational theatre programme for children and youths in Sør-Varanger - called Samovarongan (The Samovar children). We also give our youths the possibility to work at our theatre when they finish our theatre school.

The educational programme is organized through Sør-Varanger Kulturskole (Art shcool), who buys educational services from Samovarteateret. We are in charge of planning, conducing and administrating the teaching and performances. The educational programme has between 50 and 60 students between the ages of 6 to 18.

The education is based on a unique Samovarpedagogy; a mix of Samovarteateret's own techniques and methods compiled through many years work as actors and educators, in combination with classical acting techniques a' la Stanislavskij, Growtoski et al.

We yearly set up one or more productions, in groups or with all the students. We often work with classics by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Brecht et al. And we make it our own version. Samovarongan har also been part of DUS (Den Unge Scene) and other international theatreprojects.

Our goal for the future is to internationalize the education program more and more. Among other things a future collaboration with Murmansk Children's Theatre School in Russia.

When Samovarongan is finishing their theatre education at the age of 18-19, they have the possibility to work for one or two years at Samovarteateret, to take part in our activities and projects. We have had a big amount of students working with us, and today a lot of them are taking professional theatre education, such as acting, producers, pedagogs, technicians et al.