Photo: Lene StavåPhoto: Lene Stavå

About us


Samovar (Russian tea boiler) means self boiling.
It is warm, beautiful to look at, something that you can fill up, drain off and it is constantly simmering.
Just as we believe that theatre should be....
therefore; Samovarteateret.


Samovarteateret was established in Kirkenes in 1990, by Bente S. Andersen. The company consists of four performing artists and one administrator. Every year we engage between 15 and 25 artists from many different countries in our projects and productions.


Samovarteateret works locally, nationally and internationally, and produces 2-3 brand-new performances every year.


Kirkenes - on the same latitute as Tromsø, but east of Istanbul. 1 km from the Barents sea, 12 km from the Russian border and 50 km from the Finnish border. It is equally as far from Kirkenes to Oslo, as from Oslo to Rome.


Samovarteateret and director Bente S. Andersen have developed our own distinctive «Samovar methodology» to create performances;


An overview of the permanent employees and engaged

Friends & Partners

An overview of our collaboration partners home and abroad.

Our Theatre

In October 2012, the newest theatre in the North of Norway opened in Kirkenes. The theatre is owned by Sør-Varanger Kommune and is run by Samovarteateret.

Educational Programme

Since 1991, Samovarteateret has run a theatre school for children and youth in collaboration with Sør-Varanger Kulturskole; «Samovarongan». Former theatre students also get the possibility to join our «aspirant programme».