Photo: Lene Stavå Photo: Lene Stavå Photo: Lene Stavå

Current projects

Samovarteateret is working with the motto "Breaking Boundaries", as an expression for that borders create drama and that the created drama because of borders is distinctive

Samovarteateret produces 2-3 performances a year. In addition to this the theatre does commisioned work and directing, and partake in a number of national and international collaborations


With the performance "Truth" director Bente S. Andersen and Samovarteateret have been inspired by Harold Pinter's "Nobel prize speech" from 2005;…

Ellisif Wessel – The Strong Will

«The little lady with the strong will, in the big, political game». Ellisif Wessel (1866-1949) is one of the most pronounced, and still unknown…

HJERTEROM - Under samme himmel

«I wish children today would play more than they do. For those who play as a child receives a richness within them that lasts a lifetime. You build a…

Vodka, water and glasnost - a foxtrot for three

We tell the stories of the generation that has lived on both sides of the Norwegian-Russian border - before, during and after WWII.

Feelgoodweek 2013

A week filled with something for everyone - performances, concerts, debates, workshops and more!

Living secretly

Jon Fosse is the worlds most performed playwriter alive. This is Jon Fosse in a different way. In collaboration with Franzisca Aarflot Productions

Arctic Voices

A performance about fatih, hope, love and High North policy. The foundation is the Norwegian government's High North strategies. The performance…

Radio Barents 111

"Radio Barents 111" is the answer to the dream of collaboration across languages and cultures in the Barentsregion. In this performance we meet a…