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War is for no one

At the of May at 17:00 (Russian time/16:00 Norwegian time), Samovarteateret has it’s premiere on the grand Norwegian-Russian theatre project «War is for no one», at the Cultural Palace «October» in Zapolyarny, Russia. This performance is a part of the celebration of liberation in Murmansk oblast and Petsjenga municipality.

«War is not for mothers and children. War is for tough men.
No, no, war is not for people. War is anxiety. War is for no one.»

Hans Kristian Eriksen

In 2014, Samovarteateret produced the performance «Sånn kom hele verden inn gjennom døra» to the 70 years celebration of the liberation of Sør-Varanger. After this performance, Samovarteateret have been asked to produce a Russian version, focusing on the Russian war history.

With great respect and humility, the result has become the performance «War is for no one». It’s with greatest pleasure we can welcome the Russian and Norwegian audience to watch the performance at the Cultural Palace «October» in Zapolyarny.
«War is for no one» is a mix of poems, choir songs, movement and personal stories. Stories from different people where the war have affected their lives in different ways.

Samovarteateret have several years of experience and competence from working with dramatic art in Russia. This performance shows how national politics affects the everyday life – the parallell reality, in the border area in the north. It shows this area’s common history, and the joy and pleasure artists and «most people» have from creating projects together, across borders. This project is also a good example of the great «people-to-people»-cooperation which have existed in the Barents Region for years. Through this performance, Samovarteateret unifies both professionals and amateurs from Norway and Russia.

Directing and dramaturgy:  Bente Andersen, Samovarteateret
Production:    Samovarteateret

On stage:
Russian actors from The National Theatre of Karelia and The Karelian Puppet Theatre
The choir «Crescendo» from Kirkenes
The youth choir from Zapolyarny Music School
Youths from the theatre school of Samovarteateret, Kirkenes
Youths from the folk theatre «Studia» at The Cultural Palace «October», Zapolyarny

Samovarteateret is the worlds northernmost professional theatre, established on the border between east and west, in Kirkenes, in 1990. The theatre have during a quarter of a century developed new-written drama, put up more than 50 performances with artists from more than 15 countries, with 8 different languages on stage at the same time. Samovarteateret have been working and touring locally, nationally and internationally since the beginning.

For more information about the performance, please contact:
Turid Skoglund,, (+47) 916 62 454

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