Ellisif Wessel – The Strong Will

«The little lady with the strong will, in the big, political game». Samovarteateret kindly welcomes you to Ellisif Wessel’s 150th anniversary performance.

Ellisif Wessel (1866-1949) is one of the most pronounced, and still unknown female figure in Norwegian history. In 2016 it is 150 years since her birth.

Ellisif lived most of her adult life in Kirkenes, where her tireless activity became an important powerhouse to create a better and more equal society.

The story about Ellisif, her engagement and her fearless voice is important to tell today, maybe more so than ever before, where our world is becoming increasingly divided through class distinctions and greater differences.

Ellisif Wessel stands as a solid cliff and a symbol that caring, getting engaged in the world around you, and standing up for what you believe makes a difference. When Ellisif Wessel managed to do so much in her time, just imagine how much a person can accomplish today!

We welcome you all to  Ellisif Wessel – The Strong Will!

Premiere the 2th of November at 7pm!

Saturday: 05.11 at 2pm

Sunday: 06.11 at 7pm

Saturday: 19.11 at 6pm

Ticket prices: kr 200, -/180,-

Please order tickets at: audhild@samovar.no

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