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Counting to zero

The art school`s theater students, ”Samovarungan”, in group 3 shows ”Å telle til null” written by Kristofer Grønskag.

In our version we meet 14 teenagers on a train station. They are traveling at full speed into life towards the future, from always to always via the past and the present. They all have in common the need to be seen. But does one wish to be seen as who you are, or the perosn you are pretending to be? And who do you wish to be seen by?

The play is a part of the nationwide theatre project ”DUS – Den unge scene”

”DUS” wishes to promote new drama for youth written by youths, and ”Samovarungan” have chosen to take part in this project. ”Samovarungan” are playing at a regional festival on Hålogaland theater in Tromsø on the 17th of February, together with 6 other groups from Finnmark and Troms. One of the plays are chosen to be shown at ”Det Norske Teateret” in Oslo in May.

Read more about DUS here:

Premiere: Tuesday 17th of January at 19:00. Open to everyone
Performance: Wednesday 18th of January at 19:00. Open to everyone
Performance: Thursday 19th of January at 19:00. School showing

Presentation in Hamburg

9, 10 December - Samovarteateret presents our “work in progress” performance "Lost in the Horizon" on the NORDWIND Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Samovarteateret received the Barents culture scholarship

Barentssekretariatet Article written by Martin Leberg Fossum and photo by Jonas Sjøkvist Karlsbakk.

Hjerterom on tour in Finnmark

We are preparing a tour with our play «Hjerterom”, a child’s play, in the west district of Finnmark, Norway, arranged by DKS Finnmark.

Samovarteateret opens and closes “Festspillene”

Samovarteateret had the honour of direct and organize the opening show for this years "Festspillene i Nord-Norge" in Harstad, and are now producing…

Showing a piece from the performance

This morning Hanne and Theresa had the honour of doing the opening of the general meeting for the participants of The Norwegian Labor…

TRUTH (Sannhet) ready for “FINN”

Samovarteateret is producing our brand new performance "Truth" (Sannhet), which will have it's premiere during the festival "Festspillene i…

War is for no one

At the of May at 17:00 (Russian time/16:00 Norwegian time), Samovarteateret has it’s premiere on the grand Norwegian-Russian theatre project…

Robin Hood

The art school`s theater students, ”Samovarungan”, shows ”Robin Hood”.

DUS-festival at Hålogaland Teater!

From Friday to Sunday of February, Samovarungan and Samovarteateret took part of the regional DUS-festival for Finnmark and Troms at…

Simmering Point

In this year’s brand new «Simmering point» Samovarteateret wants to bring you on an unforgettable journey into the metallic sound of the poetry of…

All you need is Love

Solidarity concert for the children on Haiti and The Dominican Republic. The Samovarteater invites you to a solidarity concert on the 10th of December…


Wednesday of November at 20:00 Samovarteateret presents the opening show for "Litteraturfestivalen", followed by writer Sissel Horndal who will…