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Colony is a work-in-process by NextdoorProject. The participating artists: Ingrid Tranum Velasquez (producer, choreograph/dancer), Siri Broch Johansen (Writer, playwright, singer), Camara Lundestad Joof (writer, playwright, actress) and Aka Niviana (slampoetry).

Colony / Koloniija / Nunasiaateqarneq / Koloni -

where we try to find out what colonization is, where it has happened, where it is still happening and what it does to us.
We have no answers, but we have a lot of questions.
We welcome you to join us and help us look for answers.

We have something to show you, some texts to read for you, we have some questions we need help to ask – and we have coffee!

Everything is free!

Welcome to the theatre cafè at Samovarteateret!


Samovarteateret, Kirkenes


13.11.2018, time: 19.00



There are no activities scheduled at this point.