Photo: Torgrim Halvari

HJERTEROM - Under samme himmel

«I wish children today would play more than they do. For those who play as a child receives a richness within them that lasts a lifetime. You build a warm, pleasant world within yourself. A world that gives you strength if life gets difficult. A place you can turn to during adversity and grief.” (Astrid Lindgren)

We welcome you to the theatre at Saturday 14th of October, to our children's performance "Hjerterom" and café for the whole family.

The café opens at 12:00.
Performance at 13:00.

Duration: app. 50 min.

Tickets: 150 / 100,-kr (booking: or tel. 78 99 24 68)

We all possess a richness within ourself: A great universe where the most amazing things can happen.

Join us on our travel to the root of the heart, where we will experience life under water, far above the clouds and around our planet.
We will bring you along on a magic travel where stories become reality and reality become stories.
A performance suited for all ages – where the youngest can bring the oldest.

We welcome you into our hearts!

Artistic team:
Production: Samovarteateret
Idea and direction: Bente S. Andersen og Samovarteateret
Actress: Theresa Haabeth Holand og Hanne Mathisen Haga
Music and composition: Siver Norum
Light design: Jan Harald Jensen
Scenography: Egor Kukushkin / Samovarteateret
Choreography: Ksenia Shchetneva


Samovarteateret, Kirkenes


14.10.2017, time: 12.00